Thursday, July 20, 2017


Yesterday was the Lady's work at home day. She was happily sitting at her computer chatting with a colleague in Georgetown, Grand Cayman (Lady consults there) when her computer shut itself off. Lady knew the battery was getting low but apparently hadn't plugged it in properly so it died. She messaged her colleague on her phone and waited a few minutes. The computer would not restart. Lady knew in her heart, her faithful old Mac that had a lot of issues (like keys that didn't work and applications that hardly opened) was on its last legs but she kept hoping it had more life in it.

After calling support and not getting help, Lady panicked (yep she nearly lost her mind but then pulled herself together) packed up and drove the 45 minutes to the Apple Store. Without a computer she couldn't work. However, she was very thankful she had just updated her computer on Sunday so if all else failed she would only lose 2 and a bit days of work.

The new baby
When she got to the store she was told there was a 2 hour wait. While she was chatting with the guy who works there named Ben, he said given how old her computer was there wouldn't be much they could do. Because it was vintage (aka 2011) they no longer have the parts to fix it. Lady got Ben to show her the comparable new ones. She went and talked to the Man and they decided that it was time to just replace the old computer. The old computer keeps having issues and again, without a computer Lady can't do her whole job. So Lady went back and talked to Ben and bought herself a new Mac Book Pro.

While she was doing this, the Genius , Matt, came to look at the old computer. He took it to the back and the 10 minutes he said he needed were really like 30. He was able to do something to get it going (something about resetting it and removing the battery). He told Lady she should never turn it off again until she was sure she had everything off of it.

A much poorer Lady drove home with a lovely new computer and a computer that she could get all her files off of.

Instead of getting any of the work she wanted to get done, she spent the rest of the day setting up her new computer. She got her 13 000 work files transferred to it. She hasn't taken on the pictures yet and realized after her purchase she doesn't know how to get pictures off her camera onto the new computer because there is no slot for the card. She hopes she can find the USB cord for it. (Her camera is from like 2007 so before they were Internet connected).

We think this horrible computer issue has made all of our behaviours look good! Lady will fill you in on what we have been up to shortly!

Lady is now behind on work and traveling for it so if we aren't around much the next week or so, you know why. We will try to visit a little (now we have a good computer it may be easier!)


  1. what a story you have here. has happened to me in the past. glad you got a new one. if you have several usb cords around the house for other things, as long as it fits in the slot it will work with your camera and computer. I store my photos on external hard drives, not on the computer. yours are probably in the Apple Cloud, but I don't have apple so don't know how to find them.

  2. all paws are crossed that the new machine works pawfect... it's crazy how much influence such a laptop has on humans... I think during the last weeks the mama cried more for issues with the haunted laptop than for things I wrecked... that means a lot right?

  3. My Mom had to replace her relic MacBook Pro recently too and got a brand new one. She love it. It is sooooo.... much faster.
    Your lady needs to purchase a USB-C AV Multiport Adapter for her new MacBook. It plug into the MacBook and the has connections to plug in HDMI or USB devices. My lady uses it for uploading pics and for connecting to the printer. Works great. She got her's at Best Buy. It is an official Apple accessory. They really should have sold it to her when she bought the new MacBook.

  4. Mom knows what it's like to be forced to get a new computer and to learn all of the ins and outs. It takes time and lots of patience.

  5. Oh gosh what a trying time for the Lady. Paws crossed that the new computer will run smoothly and that she will be able to get back to directing her attentions to the most important things in the household, that is YOU!
    Toodle pip!

  6. 2011 is vintage???? Gosh, that must make my Mum an antique!
    Computers are funs all the while they are behaving, when they got wrong they are the worse thingy in the world!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. Hope she gets all da stuff wif da new one figgered out.

  8. Good luck with the new computer!

  9. Good Luck getting all your files transferred. Macs usually need special connectors. My All in One from Samsung only came with two ports: 1) for the headphones and 2) the power cable. I had to buy a hub and and also bought a single adapter that lets me connect memory cards and USB sticks through the power port.

  10. Whoo-hoo! New computer! That's the best. Congratulations! Now it's time for a new camera!! Double whoo-hoo!

    Love and licks,

  11. Yup, we've learned that lesson too. Luckily we only lost about 2 days work as well but that was far better than losing everything. Thank goodness for regular backups.

  12. That is NOT fun. A couple of years someone sent squirrel headquarters something with a virus on it, and anyone that opened the attachment to the email got an infected computer. They said Mom's computer was infected and took it, but she was on VACATION when the SPAM thingy went out so she never opened anything. She never did get it back and lost weeks of work on it that she hadn't backed up yet. She was cranky that day.

  13. Oh no!!! & oh yes!!! All at once :) It's a bummer that you had to go through the hassle of getting a new Mac Book, but now you have a brand spanking new one ;-) Mine is kinda vintage too, like 2013 vintage...I'll probably be upgrading within the next year or so.

  14. Oh crap. Wells, nows your Lady has a shiny new puter and will now work super duper fast, which means more time with YOU! Oh, and it sounds like Ranger has your port answer too, so WooHoo!
    Ruby ♥

  15. Dying computers can cause heart attacks in humans. Moving over your files is also a big pain. We're glad to hear your Lady has been able to save her files.

  16. We sure are glad that you were able to save your files, but it is a BIG job to transfer everything over! It doesn't seem like 2011 would be vintage?? Except in the world of computers...

    Not fun to be forced to purchase a new computer, but I sure can relate...we just rely so much on them these days that we don't have a choice but to have one that works!! Enjoy your new MacBook!

  17. We learned that it is best to lay low when there is a computer trouble in the house!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  18. SHE's keeping HER fingers crossed that our---now old computer just keeps truckin' on.

  19. Gah! So sorry. I LOVE my MAC and am terrified if something happens to it. Fingers crossed you get more mileage out of the old computer. I've called Apple support and they have been super helpful since I bought mine in 2014 whenever I've had issues. Good luck!

  20. I'm so glad that "Lady" was able to get her files off the old computer and has a pretty new one! My husband loves his Mac, and I love my Dell. My last one I had for more than 10 years, which is totally unheard of, so I feel really lucky! I hope you're having "fun" getting to know your 'new and expensive friend and co-worker!' :-)!!


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