Saturday, August 16, 2014

Catch Up

What a week! I forgot how crazy life is when I am back at work. I am so looking forward to a quiet weekend. I was very neglectful to taking pictures of my pups, oops, will have to remedy this over the weekend. Today's pictures are from my collection:)

Black and White Sunday
-This picture was taken at the dog park after the vet. They had such a good time. We would have time to take them today, but it is suppose to pour and none of us love that. [On Tuesday, it was raining so hard on our walk, they wanted to turn around most of it and finally I let them. We were all soaked, it was miserable]. After our very, very hot weekend, we had the coldest August 14th on record. These temperature swings are driving me crazy!

Mischief Monday - Phod's Annual Checklist
- We are happy to report that Phod's ear cleared up very quickly. In about 2 days, he learned the word ear means you should push your ears as far as possible into your head, put your head down and pretend you can't hear your people. He did try and walk away a few times, but for the most part he did a good job with it.
- Lady says she is glad to hear other pups aren't well behaved at the vet. I was so blessed with my Loki, he was amazing at the vet, it was his favourite place and Gemi was pretty good too - these two are not good and we don't go often enough to really work on it.

Safety Week: Wild Animal Encounters
-Again thanks to Sarge and Bites for putting this week on.
-Reilly and Denny asked if we have rabies here. Yes we do. I was thinking about it when I wrote about keeping pets safe, and maybe should have mentioned more about it. Both the dogs have been vaccinated against it.
-Lady and Man find it comforting that other dogs dead small things too.
-Lady has not be able to determine if the toads in our area are poisonous to the dogs. We have been lucky that Lee has not been harmed.

Wordless Wednesday: Buddies
- The picture was of Nin and Lee. They have always been good buddies who snuggle. It makes me happy, especially because Nin has lost his best snuggle buddy Baggy.

Writer's Process Blog Tour
- Thank you all for you wonderfully kind comments. It brought a huge smile to me on a grumpy day (I never like Thursdays, I always find them too annoying). I am happy that my ramblings touch others, maybe as much as theirs touch me!
-Your kind comments helped motivate me to work on my grief piece. I am hoping to have it ready to share sometime this coming week.

Relaxation Day
-We hope everyone had a great one!


  1. I must admit I have one of each when it comes to the vets - Reilly absolutely loves going - he thinks it is as big a treat as going to the park and loves his dogtor. Denny is a 'frozen' vet visitor - he just stands there and freezes - refusing to move or doing anything except just stand there. It makes him an easy dog to examine except for the fact you have to pick him up to move him :) Have a wonderful weekend - lots of play time

  2. Pawsome week and we are glad all is OK with Phod. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Wow a week full of events. I'm glad Phod's ears is as good as new, think our furfriends feel the pain like we do when we have ear-problems. I solved the second toad-meeting via dental water jet, it fortunately worked that Easy looked no longer like a bubble bath :o)

  4. Glad to hear the ear problem cleared up! Looking forward to reading your post on grief. Have a relaxing weekend :)

  5. WE just saw you two over at Daisy's Digging thingy.... you are GOOD at digging fur SURE.

  6. So glad everything is ok with Phod!
    Thursdays are annoying aren't they? But hey, at least they are close to Friday!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  7. Well, glad that Phod's ear is better now. I have no idea if the frogs here are harmful either. But, I guess it's not such a big deal since Shiner just ignores them.

  8. Hey....Many thanks to you guys for being a part of Blogville and Safety week. It's the great weeks like this one fun and make up for bad weeks. Oh yes, Bites is a mess at the vet, Me I Am Awesome, and alway get a Treat!

    Top Cop Bites & Da Sus

  9. We think your mom deserves an award for being able to blog and work! Great recap
    Madi your bfff

  10. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! Cousin Lee and Handsome Phod, it is always interesting to learn the facts about your Blogs!

    I am Very Good at the Vet, but Cobi hates it. She has had much pain there in her life and so she tries to hide, and sometimes nips at Vet, and often screams when Vet touches her. I do agree that Vet is a very stressful place, but mostly I am Good.

    I like your pictures! Cousin Lee, what are you watching? You look less like me and much more like Cobi's Best-Dog-Friend Simon in that picture! Simon is working-stock-Kelpie and an Agility Champion. I think it is your ears, but also the very intense look in your eyes. Simon watches like that too! (Simon does not like me so I mostly avoid him, but he and Cobi are silly about each other. I kind of get left out when he is around, but that's usually okay - I just go chase squirrels and birds anyways!)

    Happy weekend to your Lady! We hope it is a restful one!

  11. Our Becca used to get ear infections and had to have drops all the time. She was such a good doggie, when I picked up the medicine, she would go lie down and roll on her side. A perfect little patient.

  12. We aren't exactly the best behaved pups when we go to the vet either. We're glad to hear that the ear infection has cleared up...they can be very yukkie!
    Wally & Sammy

  13. A fab catch up!


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