Sunday, August 31, 2014

Black and White Sunday - Off Leash Training - Project Hailey

Yesterday the Man decided to do some off leash training with Hailey.

It started really well. Hailey walked beside Man to get her cookies.

Then we brought out her ball to encourage her to run a little .


Then she caught a scent (a squirrel) and into the bush she went. 

Man had to go in and get her.

Off leash training was done for today!

Man, there is an evil squirrel over there!

Tomorrow Hailey has a play date in town at a dog park. She will get more off leash time then!


  1. SQUIRREL did someone say SQUIRREL????? Have a serene easy Sunday now.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Gotta get those darn squirrels.


  3. Stupid squirrels... they ruin all the fun don't they?

  4. it is hard when she loves scent - hey maybe you should get one of those scent training kits and she how she does at it?

  5. The Evil Squirrel Cartel strikes again! Growl!

  6. OMD OMD Hailey.. you were FINE until the SQUIRREL thingy. They are SO evil.
    WHAT???? You are going to a Dog Park fur a Play Date?? OMD OMD that is going to be SUPER GRRRREAT.
    PeeS... we think Man was very much BRAVE to go into the deep dark woods. Just sayin.

  7. Good for you Hailey trying to protect the Man from that evil and vicious squirrel!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  8. Dear Ojo's Cousin Lee,

    I know you are truly Ojo's cousin. Here is why. This morning we were going to Car (because Car takes us fun places!). Ojo is not allowed to walk to Car with no leash on because it is outside Fence. (But I am allowed, because I am a Good Dog!)

    We jumped into Car and our person took the leash off Ojo, and then - BAM. Ojo was gone. There was an Evil Squirrel in the Yard of Neighbour, up in an oak tree. Ojo barked and jumped and tried to climb the tree. She would not come back, even though our person had Chicken Liver Pate, which is the best ever. I think she didn't even hear our person, to be quite honest. She was very focussed on the Evil Squirrel up the tree!

    Finally our person went into Yard of our Neighbour (fortunately they are nice and like Dogs) and put the leash back onto Ojo. Ojo did not mind (she is good about Leash because it usually means yummy stuff). But she would not walk. So our person picked up Ojo and carried her back to Car.

    I waited patiently all that time. The back of Car was open, but I did not even climb out. Do you know why? Because I am a Good Dog.

    And you and Ojo must truly be cousins.

    Happy squirrel hunting!

    Pee Ess Have fun with your Dog Park Play Date tomorrow!

  9. Squirrels ruin everything. We're glad we don't have them here. Cats are bad enough for us.

    We hope Hailey will get MORE off leash training so she can race around.

  10. Squirrels taste better than cookies any day.

  11. Sounds like she is doing pretty good though? Enjoy your doggie playdate! :)
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  12. Squirrels are SO hard to resist!

  13. Nola's great with off leash training, but Pike can be a real pain!


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