Monday, April 22, 2013

Mischief Monday - We didn't mean to hurt her

Last week, Lady says we tested her patience with our walking. We were good Monday (which was good cause Lady was very tired) and Tuesday.

An old picture of Lee on a walk
As we got to the end of the road 10 deer went by. We lost our minds and went crazy. To prevent us from pulling her over Lady got herself around a tree. So she was hugging this tree and Lee was pulling one side and Phod another, and Lady's back got hurt and we wouldn't settle, so she brought us back to the house.

She took us out later and we were good. She says this is extra good cause her back was really sore. It took a few days to feel better. 

Lady was leaving later so we went later in the day. She hoped by going later in the day we would not see deer.
First we saw a cat. It was going into a house and we really wanted to go and see it. A bit later we saw a deer, it was exciting and we wanted to go with it. At about the same place as the deer there was this dead bird. Lee was pulling Lady toward the deer and Phod was pulling her the other way to get the bird and we twisted her knee a little (it was better the next day, so it was only a little).

Friday Lady was away and Saturday was a miserable day here so we didn't go for a huge walk. Sunday we went with both our people for a training walk. It sucked. They made us sit and stay. They wouldn't let us pull. It is much easier for Lady to control one of us.

Fortunately it is now the week and Lady will go out with us alone every morning. We will get to pull her. We already have today cause there was a deer in the driveway!

Do you pull your people or are you great walkers?


  1. Funny you should mention that. We had a horrible walk today--HER opinion. SHE said we pulled, Roxy lunged at every bird, Bella and I twisted up our leads like macrame and SHE was trying to get photos. SHE says we're not doing that again....ever!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    But her knees were okay.

  2. We can just picture Lady wrapped around the tree stump with one of you pulling her on each side. Something perhaps outta a cartoon.....

    Our little Muffin HATES to walk! Mommy tells her we're going for a walk, she gets all excited, we harness her up, get her outside and take 5 steps away from the house and she's kicking and clawing and pulling to get back home. She will claw at the pavement until her tiny paws bleed. She won't listen, she just pulls and pulls and pulls. Mommy has tried to train her but nothing ever works. So she is only walked when we get to go on hikes in the woods. That way she won't hurt her paws.

    I on the other hand LOVE to walk, but I hate wearing my harness! Mommy can't figure that one out. But I always have to wear it.

    When we're home in NY, we have ton's of deer in our back yard. The most we've ever counted at one time was around 12. We talk to them all of the time when they come to see us. We have a little doggie fence up so we can't chase after them. But we do go crazy with excitement!

    That's our story and we're sticking with it!

    Lily Belle

  3. Your poor Mom, now she has to tree hug..BOL ..I think you need those "NO pull collars " guys, Now be good for Mom this week! BOL xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. Poor Lady we hope you are better now. Pulling is my job. Cat, assorted vermin and even water fowl. Lucky peeps only walks me now on the park as Pip is too old but up and till last year peeps walked with both arms outstretched as I pulled to get there and Pip was idling up the rear. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. I hope your momma feels better. I give her extra points for going out with all those deer. I have a mixed bag. Nikki is the perfect walker. Her only flaw is she tires and by the end of our walk my arm is actually extended behind me. Casper pulls horrible at the start, so he only goes out with a harness because I'm afraid of damaging him with just his collar. Once he gets walking, he has a wonderful pace. Freedom is good but she's a fast walker, so I have to pick up the pace with her. I enjoy walking them separately, if I can, because their walking styles are so different. I call them high, medium and low.

  6. It seems to me it is the deer's fault.

  7. Sam always thought he was a sled dog, to the point he actually ripped my palm open one day. We went to many trainers who wanted us to put him in stronger and meaner training collars. We couldn't see doing that to Sam. We finally purchased a halti head collar, which helped to control him, and then transitioned to a gentle leader. He will still pull in a flat collar, but it isn't bad anymore.


  8. Oh wow. You two sound like very strong dogs. I hope Lady's back is feeing better. Maybe a halti or harness is in order to have better control?

  9. Well at our house maggie walks on her leash with a harness on pretty good, she will even walk with mom downtown but as pugs often do, she pants alot, i myself love to walk around in the yard with my harness on but will not cross the yard boundary line cos of my eyesight so my walks tend to get boring for momma, now little gussie we don't knowyet, we put him out with us in alcatraz and he loves it, he has only hit the fence a couple of times...we think he will walk good we just don't know if he will be comfortable leaving the yard or not. Your poor momma.
    stella rose

  10. We have a feeling the poor lady is calling the Dog Whisperer
    Benny & Lily

  11. Take it easy on Mom! BOL I used to pull my mom, then she taught me to heel and now I only pull when I see another animal friend...hehe. She walks me and my bro so we could tag team her and really take her down. We'd be in big trouble then!

  12. It depends...sometimes I pull, sometimes I don't...sometimes I just sit and refuse to move. Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  13. Ouch! I pull on occasion (like when I see a logging truck or something), but 90% of the time I'm really good on leash. Has your lady tried one of those no-pull harnesses, like the Easy Walk?

  14. Poor Lady! I find the same thing - mine are much better one at a time. However, if we go out and specifically practice walking with both dogs and one human, they improve a lot. The hard part is finding time to do that!

    I hope that your Lady's back is feeling better despite your mischief.

  15. Awww your poor Lady! You guys should take it easy on her or you may regret it ;)

  16. That sounds like the fault of the deer to me! How naughty of them to tease you...


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