Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lady's Report Card - by Lee, with input from Zaphod

Greetings Blogville.
Today, I have decide to assess my Lady and see how she is doing with her training

A picture from the fall - see we are helping her with strength training

Walking: B+
Lady does a great job at getting us daily walks. While they may have been a little short in the winter, we didn't want to be out there any more then she did so that is ok. Since spring, Lady has increased our walks to about 3-3.5 km. She has taken us to new places. Lady could work on providing more sniffing time and chasing the deer and turkeys we see. She also pulls sometimes, and should be mindful of this in the future.

Responding to my scratching at the door: C+
There are many times Lady jumps quickly and runs to the door to take us out. However there are the times that she wants to finish eating, finish in the bathroom, save a work document etc and she makes us wait. She needs to improve her speed. There is no excuse not to be at the door within 30 seconds of a scratch. Yelling "wait" is not an acceptable response.

Feeding Us on the appropriate schedule: A-
When Lady is in charge of feeding us, we rarely have to wait for our food. We get feed 15 minutes after we get up and at 6:30 pm. Great job!

Providing of treats: B-
While Lady does an excellent job at providing a wide variety of treats, she can be a little stingy in her giving of them. She also often makes us work for them and do tricks. She should provide more for free.

Playing with Us: C-
This is an area our Lady struggles with. She does not give us her undivided attention at all times. She does not play fetch for hours with Phod or give Lee hours of belly rubs. She should dedicate more time each day to practicing this if she wants to see her marks go up.

Loving Us: A+
In spite of her shortcomings at times, there is no denying that our Lady loves us. She lets us on the furniture and sleep in her bed. She gets up 1.5 hours extra early in the morning to make sure we are fed and walked. She has developed patience for us and tolerates our quirks. She has forgiven us for the worst things. While she has some areas to improve, we know that she couldn't love us more. 

Overall Average: B 
Lady shows promise to become a great person for us. With a little more training we are sure she will get at least an A-

If you were going to rate your people/person, how would they do?


  1. Wow Lady did well on that score. Mine would be D- for not allowing me to kill vermin by ruining my stalking although I do get to chase. Also for giving me a bath every so often and brushing my furs which I hate. Oh and let us not forget the biggest sin which is only taking me for two hour walks when I want more. Hopeless. Training peoples is hard work. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Awwwww, you has such a good mama! I hears you on some of those stuffs, like not catering to my every whim and being stingy with the bacons. But still, it sounds like she is doing a good job of being your servant, as a good human should be.


  3. Your Lady did great! I would give mine a MUCH lower grade :)

  4. You know, I don't think I would get marks this high. You both are pretty lucky. I think Lady is coming along splendidly.

  5. Great marks, its good to mark low so there is room for improvement. I think I'd give mine a B too:-)

  6. OK, guys time to get the whip out, you been with her long enough that she should be more aware of your needs and wants. Over here when we say jump, it happens, Heeheehee. That be with surely needs lots of work!

    The Mad Scots

  7. Your Lady is coming along nicely! Our pawrents are doing well but we need more treats.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. A+ in loving Bravo...everything else is gravy on top of the yummy potatoes of family.
    Hugs Madi your bFFF

  9. That sounded like a fair assessment. I would have to rate my parents separately. My daddy would definitely rate higher than my mom on an overall basis, but I know they both love me at an A+ level.


  10. Lady sounds like a pretty good human. She aced the most important component, but I think all of us humans could improve in the treat giving and responding to the door scratch department :)

  11. Looks like a pretty good report card for the lady. I think shiner might give me the same score.

  12. I would say that is a great report card. What would I give my MOM? hummmm. I guest I would give her an A-. That's because I feel there is always room for improvement. But I know there would be no way possible for her to improve in the loving department. I just don't see how she could love me more.

  13. Wow, you guys, now THIS is a great idea--a REPORT card for Humans! My Human is a teacher so she's always dishing out the grades for others, but I think what she really needs is a REPURRT CARD of her very own. Now, let's see....

  14. Yeah, SHE's all over the shop, too. Some days does really well...and some days...a total failure. It has to be said. Unfortunately we go with the flow because SHE is in charge of the food.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  15. My Humom get'z a D at the moment..calling that thug in to teach me manners and there'z the crate. She definitely has room for improvement ..BOL xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  16. I think our folks get a D at walking, but they are pretty good at everything else. Dad gets an A+ at treats, especially since I am on a diet and he sneaks them to me. He doesn't think Mom knows...



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