Friday, February 10, 2012

Feline Friday - Why my cat has gone mad

A rare picture of Baggy upstairs

Bagheera has lost his mind. After nearly 10 years of living in the basement (to avoid dogs) he now is all over the house. He actually got into the linen cupboard, a favourite napping place, for the first time in years this week.

The most disturbing change, according to Hailey, is his new love of her. The other day she was sleeping on the couch. He jumped up like he often does, walked over to Hailey, gave her a kiss and then walked away.  Hailey was frozen in fear! We just sat awestruck at the miracle.

The question is, why at almost 17 and after 10 years of clear dog hate is Baggy happier? Here are some possible reasons:

1) Stockholm syndrome. After a decade of living with dogs, perhaps he had developed this.
2) Sizism - our other dogs were small, Lee is big, perhaps he hates small dog.
3) Colourism - our other dogs were white, Lee is black. He is black. Perhaps he only likes black animals.
4) Dementia: He is almost 17, perhaps he has really just lost his mind.
5) Lee herself. She has always shown him the respect he thinks he deserves. She is fearful and does not try and hump him. 

Why do you think he is Mr. Mellow?


  1. Maybe a combination of all of the above? Although, I do agree with the black dog/black cat theory. My parents have a crazy black cat who will freak out if another dog is in his house, EXCEPT when Bailey (black dog) is over. You might be on to something here ;)

  2. I think it's because Lee doesn't hump him. ;]

  3. Will we ever really understand what goes on in the feline mind?

  4. No we will never understand the feline mind. Lee just wishes he wasn't so scary!


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