Thursday, February 9, 2012

Amazing PhoDOGrapher pictures

Ok I could be the completely crazy dog lady and share all the pictures that Brit took of our princess, but I am going to show some restrain and share share a few.
I have no idea how I will pick ones to print!

This head shot is so her!

She looks peaceful, this is rare when she is awake!

The hunter. Look how happy she is!

I love that her brown legs stand out in this picture. 

This is probably my fav! It will be printed for sure! 


  1. Good luck at picking .. there's just too many great ones.
    Way to go Hailey!
    From G

  2. Oh what wonderful photos!! Love the headshot.

    Brit, if you're reading this -- well done!

  3. These are SUPER awesome!! I love that you can see Lee's brown spots! Usually she just looks all black... shes soo gorgeous! :) Great shots Brit!

  4. These are just a few examples of the pictures! It is going to take me forever to pick some to print!
    Lee is a very spoiled girl!


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