Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Talk about a Walk

Preamble:  Today was our first walk.  We went about 4k in just under an hour.  All 3 of us went.

Aunt C:  That was a nice walk girls.  Gemi - I didn't think you'd want to come.
Gemi:  Of course I wanted to go.  It's a beautiful day, and I love you Aunt C. 
AC:  Thank you Gemi!  Your score on the walk is 10 out of 10.  You are a wonderful walker!
G:  Of course I am.  That Hailey though.  I think she should get a 3.
Hailey:  No way, I did everything asked of me.  I walked, didn't I?
AC:  Hailey, yes, you were very good, but I think there's still room for some improvement.  I say 7.5 out of 10.
H:  No fair!  You said walk.  I walked.  That's a 10!
AC:  That's true, but you did pull a fair amount.  And you were all over the place.
H:  But I was walking.  This marking system is garbage!
AC:  Well Hailey, I appreciate your concerns, but you do need to work on being a nice walker.  And you needed 20 treats just to walk at a 7.5. 
H:  Sigh.  I still love you Aunt C, even if you're unfair.

Note:  Gemi is currenly napping in an undisclosed place, and Lee is on the couch using my foot as a pillow.  I can't be all bad.

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