Monday, November 22, 2010

Walk Aborted

Ah, winter is coming. The first day of freezing rain, my least favourite of all the weather mother nature throws at us in this part of the world, is here. I was optimistic when we first set out this morning. Somehow we made it down the ice covered stairs, across the slippery drive way to the ice covered sidewalk. At the sidewalk we were able to walk on the grass. When on the grass the ice at least cracks and you can get some traction. Then we hit the road. I thought perhaps if we got on the road it would be less icy. I was wrong and after slipping and sliding a couple of houses I decided this was an accident waiting to happen and we turned around and made it back through the icy obstacle course. Somehow I wrenched my knee in this, making me extra happy to have cut it short.

Lee found the frozen ground very interesting and she wanted to sniff, lick and eat it!

Now of course my punishment for not being able to go for our 5 kms is dealing with a crazy dog all day and I am working at home for a lot of it! Maybe it will be safer later!

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