Thursday, November 25, 2010

That was disgusting

We lived with a dying dog for a long time and at the time I thought the vomit that came out of him was the foulest smelling stuff on the planet. Tonight I found out I was wrong.

I was having a quick power nap on the couch this evening after an unexpected environmental allergy attack. Drew was watching TV. I wake up to Drew yelling at Hailey to get on the floor. She was throwing up. Fortunately, he got her on the floor where she preceded to expel the foulest smelling vomit on the planet. So my new couch was saved (although we did pay a lot of money to get it protected, but not a test I want to take!).

Lucky me – I  got to clean up the vomit. I am actually glad I am quite congested to help mask the smell. We have no idea what might have triggered this. There was a lot of dirt in it.

Unfortunately, Baby was lying on the ground by the couch and got a vomit shower. We are now seeing if Baby can survive the washing machine.

No pictures were taken, it was just too gross!

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