Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Week 9 - A Covid Update

It has been a while since we gave an update of life here in a pandemic, so we thought we would.

We have entered week 9. The number of cases around us remains low. The number in our province is high, mostly because Montreal is Canada's epic-centre and is a mess. 

In week 9, we have the biggest openings in the province (outside of Montreal, Montreal is being treated as a completely separate place). The schools re-opened yesterday. Sending your child is completely voluntary. It appears less than 20% of the kids in our area are returning. Parks have opened to walk through. Some construction has restarted. More stores with curb-side pick up can open. The boarders to everywhere but Ottawa (where Lady would work if work was a thing) are reopening.  We are seeing the first phases of reopening and we will see how it goes!

The Man has been told he won't be going back to the office anytime soon. He is able to work from home and will get to continue to do that. He misses seeing people and the separation between work and home, but is overall ok.

The Lady has no idea when she will go back to work and what that may look like when she can. Social distancing is not a thing for most of her client work. She really is in no hurry. She enjoys this new world. The only thing she doesn't love is that now everything is on screens, so she is making sure to have 4 full awakening hours per day without any screen time. So depending on how her day plays out with fake work or f-work as she calls it, sometimes we don't get to blogs.

We continue to have a great routine which includes a special breakfast on Sunday. Usually the Man makes pancakes or waffles but last Sunday he made French Toast. 




So in summary, we are all good and safe and Lady says the adjustment back to the real world will be much harder than the one into quarantine for us. It is good that it is going to be a slow one!

Hope you are all safe and doing ok!


  1. we had our first "free" day yesterday and at least in our area all people were well bes-hived... but it was a weird feeling ... all looked only at their feet and walked along without noticing each other...

  2. My mom wouldn't be hurrying back to work either. Slow and easy and staying safe is what we do. YUMMMMM - French toast!

  3. Hari OM
    OMD, now I need to bake a loaf just so's can have French Toast...

    Scotland, you may have heard, has remained in lockdown, despite Boris's best efforts to befuddle everyone. Even the press has finally decided he's a waffle (and not the tasty Sunday breakkie kind). And it has been said aloud on news channels that unlockdown will, indeed, be more challenging than locking down in the first place. Hey ho... YAM xx

  4. Two telehealth sessions with doctors yesterday. It's a new world.

  5. It's good to hear you are all doing well. Stay safe, friends.

  6. your life is a mimic to ours. 9 weeks down, and opening our state like yours, except no schools until August. ours remain closed. I did see the racoon story yesterday about the raccoon... we had another visitor which will show up on the blog soon... Big said to tell Lee that HE has a red rug to sit on and supervise. ha ha Phod has the right idea, be comfy until breakfast is served. can you do a post on what kind of dish that is? the plate not the food. we know about french toast. ha ha

  7. Thanks for the pupdate! It's interesting to see how it's working in different areas. Our schools are closed until fall, but we've started reopening retail places. Momma's boss says they'll be working from home for a while yet.

  8. Things are so confusing now a days. We are in Phase I by law but some have gone full fledged
    others acting like we are on lock down as before. I guess we are kinda like you. Since we are retired nothing is too different except putting on shopping armor. LOL
    Retail stores are gradually opening but they have rules about distance, masks are still strongly suggested how ever many aren't paying attention. We do know there will be no more school until August 17, 2020. They are working on details for reopening. As YAM said
    unlockdown will be harder than lockdown. Due to too many folks interrupting it to be HOW they want it.
    I'm glad you 4 are well
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. Things here are about the same. We have to wear masks when we shop(it is mandatory in all enclosed areas), schools are closed for the year....lots of upheaval from those wanting to reopen fully. Ed is back at work tho.

    I kinda wish they would open the parking in the parks around here...the only difference in my day to day is no hiking adventures.

  10. French toast....worth the wait. Out here in the middle of nowhere, things are opening up slowly, though we were never in the strict lockdown like the cities. Many things were open with strict hygiene rules. Most restaurants, cafes were open for take aways...hairdressers, barbers were okay. Schools were open with voluntary attendance..though they are doing each student one day a week this week...

  11. Things are starting to open around here too. Not schools though. Mom has no idea how they will make schools work at all, and she is very worried for the grands. She and Dad will be waiting a good while before they join the world socially again. Our human brother wants to come visit from Texas, but we aren't sure it is time for that yet. We hope life can resume somewhat of a normal world soon.

    Woos, Lightning and Timber

  12. It's definitely a new normal that we all need to get used to.

  13. That is good to hear that ya'll are doing well and score for special Sunday breakfasts!! We are in phase 2 right now of opening back up but it's slow going and Mama says her will let efuryone else go out furst fur a month and see how they do befur she ventures out & about ;)

    Matt & Matilda

  14. Glad things are getting better in your area. It's a strange new world out there...one that we're trying to adapt to. Stay safe.


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