Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wits End

It is not often that I am left speechless or unable to find the humour in a situation, but Hailey has managed to do both. Last evening we attended a wedding. When I returned home, I opened the door and saw this.

I actually turned around and walked out. After a second I came back in. I just couldn't believe it and I couldn't find Hailey. (Turns out she had gotten herself under the gate to the cats food and gotten stuck. Turns out while she was down there she dug the litter to hell, but that really is the least of our problems, back to the hole).

Words do not describe how angry the people of the house are. While part of me is trying to imagine how terrified of whatever she must have been to do this, I just can't find sympathy for her. We just don't know what to do with her. This is the worst thing she has ever done. I think regular readers of this blog will know that we try really hard to give her the best life possible. We have tolerated her "Hailey-ness" more than others may have. However she has crossed a line and we don't know what to do to help her. We can't afford to replace a wall every time we go out. We had thought her anxiety was getting better, but clearly it has not. We are going to try and crate her, although I fear she will just destroy them again. We are also going to explore medication for her. 

So today instead of having a house warming party (which we have cancelled), we are going to learn to fix drywall. We hope that one of the paint cans left in the house is the right colour. 


  1. I am so can be so very frustrating. Hopefully you can find a way to help her.

  2. OMG so sorry to see that. I hope someone in Blogland can give you some help!
    Good luck with fixing it.
    Our very best wishes Molly

  3. I am so sorry for what happened. I hope the wall is fixed soon and I definitely hope you can help your precious Hailey.

  4. Having to fix the wall sucks! I saw the electrical chord in there and almost had a heart attack. Is the garage a safe place for her? She seems to want to get in there when she freaks out so maybe leaving her in there when you go out might work? Crating is always the safest option if you can keep her in one. I'm not sure how big the garage is, but another option is to construct a permanent pair of kennels like you'd see at a professional facility where Lee can't get out/over/under it no matter how hard she tries. And maybe if Phod was next door it'd be less stressful for her. I hope you can figure this out, and Catahoula Rescue is always available as a knowledge bank. :)


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