Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lee's first bath

Yes after a after nearly 18 months of ownership, Lee needed her first bath. Why? Because apparently while I was at work and she and the Man were at the park, she discovered the puddles. It wasn't the dirt that  bothered us, it was the smell.

Here are some clips from it (sorry not the whole thing but I had to help.

Here is the first time she got wet in the tub.

Let me out, I am done! 
After the wash, it was dry off time!                                             

Finally Freedom! This was then followed by her getting he kong and throwing it at me. Yes I did reinforce this by filling it:) Then she spent the rest of the evening ignoring us!

I must say, this went much better than I imagined! I can see us giving her another bath in the future!


  1. Awww she was really thrown off eh? Barky puppy!

  2. i try and give yuki and rocket a bath once a week,and every time i do they seem to get dirty on purpose after they've already been bathed. yesterday, they were bathed and later that night they decided they were going to run through the mud...very frustrating!!

  3. Well done Lee! Baths are horrible - I hide when I see my shampoo come out and I make myself very heavy to make it very difficult for them to wash me!



  4. I hope not to have another one for another 1.5 years. Lee


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