Sunday, April 15, 2012

Houston, we have a problem

Several weeks ago I mentioned the bunny spotting in our yard. Life had been quiet on the bunny front until yesterday. Ironically it became a problem after I had the thought "How nice for her to have the yard to play in."

Suddenly she is freaking out, just going nuts out there. The Man went to look and there just outside the fence, in her view, was a bunny. It thought if it covered its face she wouldn't see it, but she did. The Man scared it away. We brought her in and she was insane inside. Running, whining, barking, banging at the door to go out for over an hour!

For the rest of the day every times she went out, she was in a bunny hunting frenzy. At first it was just barking and running around the yard. Then she started trying to dig her way out under the fence. She wouldn't come when called. It was a problem. So we came up with a solution, one she does not love. We put her on the tie out every time she went out. This she does not love, but it prevents her from digging her way out and running around and barking.

We will see what happens today. So far, I have put her on her tie out. The man did not at the 6 am trip out and then spent a good 5 minutes yelling at her (thanks for waking the whole house hun!). Oh our girl!


  1. Similar things happen when i let Wookie out into the backyard at the same time as our neighbour's dog. For some reason they have a hate on for each other and when Wookie spots her through the fence, he lets out the most ferocious bark I've ever heard. I shoo him inside and he continues to obsess over going back outside.

    Darn dogs. Darn bunnies! I bet they do it on purpose, too.

  2. I am sure the bunny is teasing her!


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