Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh my!

I wish knew how to post video to this blog.

Imagine the scene. I am chilling on the couch. Gemi is curled up next to me. Nin is laying on the arm of the couch and Lee is beside him. Lee suddenly stands up, stands over Lee and starts humping the air. I think she was trying to hump Nin. LMAO! We have only seen Lee hump a little before – her alligator baby.  

Poor Nin! He has been the victim of much humping. First there was Loki, who humped him like once a day, in a playful manner. After Loki died, Gemi started occasionally humping him. She is far more violent in her humping. Now Lee, with the air humping. Nin at least seems oblivious to all of this. He is a very simple cat!

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